Water shaped balloons shine in Torafu’s installation

Water Balloon Room



Art and design are not interested in water only for the physical use of its liquid matter, but also for the forms and the effects that it can create. The Japanese studio Torafu Architects understood this concept, and collaborated with a glass artist in producing an installation called Water Balloon Room presented in April 2014 at Konica Minolta Plaza Gallery in Tokyo.
The installation consists of 36 light bulbs suspended in a dark room that flood the visitor with their brightness. In this work, each lamp is made by hand using glass recycled from fluorescent lamps. For this reason, every Water Balloon is different, as every single drop of water is different in nature. The bubbles contained within the glass refer to the substance of the water and create a characteristic ethereal light, as if water was filtered through by a strong light.
Torafu Architects have tried to create a space that can combine architecture with natural environment in a residential context.


Water Balloon Room5

Water Balloon Room1

Water Balloon Room2

Water Balloon Room3

Water Balloon Room4