The magical union of Water and light in Toshiba’s installations

luce tempo luogo



In 2011, during Milan Fuori Salone, Toshiba, in collaboration with the group of architects DGT (Dorell, Ghotmeh, Tane),based in Paris, created Luce, Tempo, Luogo, a group of installations where LED light met water to create an atmosphere where emotions could move freely.
The work consisted of 3 installations exhibited in Cortile di Via Savona 37 in the Tortona district.
The first was APPROACH, a white tunnel which was the entrance to the installation. A 5mm gap light was stretched along the ceiling creating a sort of cut in it, and was reflected on the stream of water on the floor, which thus became another line of light.
The second installation was COURTYARD. It was a basin full of water whose rippled surface was illuminated by the sun during the day and by LED at night. The small waves reflected the light on the wall of the old building, creating “moments of brilliance”.
The last installation was the most magical. It was called INSIDE . Inside a dark room, long strips of LED light illuminated curtains of water, which, as they fell seemed to be transformed into light particles. INSIDE created unique effects and sensations which could be lived only there and then.


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