A kinetic cascade inside the church




In 2011 the French artist Stephane Cauchy exhibited his work Cascade inside the former Regency church in Brighton, England, which is the centre of the artistic organization Fabrica.
Cauchy uses simple mechanical devices that take the form of laboratory experiments to create his installations. In his works art and science are related, as he tries to represent our ways of understanding the world and our place in it. In his installations natural phenomena are combined with the products of imagination in order for the broad concepts of time, space and the unknowable to be explored.
Water is an element which is often used by the artist, because of the power of its movement that allows the production of kinetic energy .
Cascade is a kinetic sculpture where nine buckets, interconnected by a system of pulleys, are suspended from the ceiling above a large pool. The water is pumped into each bucket until they overturn, releasing their contents into the pool below. The flow of water – from the pool to the tube, to the bucket and back to the pool – creates a perpetual cycle of filling and emptying. The buckets rise and fall with the rhythm of a waterfall, reproducing the movement of chiming bells.