Water flows inside Fabrizio Plessi’s videos




Farbrizio Plessi is an Italian artist born in 1940 who is considered one of the greatest exponents of video art.
The water, with objects or instruments related to it, is the central theme of his works, video sculptures and video installations which combine, with great evocative power, monitors with iron or wooden structures, objects or materials.
“I love the waves which sweep away the doldrums of our daily life and its banality. You can not live without creating waves, you always need to stir things up ” says the artist.
In his installations images, sound, light and movement relate with each other. Video technology is not an elitist instrument for Plessi, but it is the only globally widespread means of communication.
Water is present from the beginning in his work: in installations and sculptures such as Waterfall and Mare Orizzontale (1976), Waterwind (1981), Water Circles (1982), Mare di Marmo (1985), Stanza del Mare (1990), Liquid Time (1993) Timaru (l’enigma degli addii) (1999).
Since 2000, the artist has created other important works focused on water: Mare Verticale (2000), Waterfire (2001), Digital Fall (2003), Updown (2010), Mari Verticali (2010).




Waterfall, 1976, iron structure, monitor, sound


Waterwind, 1981, rusty steel structure, monitor, fan, sound


Water Circles, 1982, rusty iron structure 2 monitors, sound


Stanza del Mare, 1990, iron structure, 6 monitors, sound


Liquid Time (Project), 1993

Timaru (l’enigma degli addii), 1999, carved tree trunk, monitors, sound


La foresta sospesa, 1999, tree trunks, iron basins full of water, video projectors, sound


Waterfire, 2001, screens, sound, Museo Correr (Venezia, Italy)


Waterfire (Project), 2001


Mari Verticali, 2010, Video installation, Arsenale della Maddalena, Louis Vuitton trophy, Italy


Mari Verticali (Project), 2011