The power of Water in Fabrizio Plessi’s Plescali




Farbrizio Plessi, the Italian master of video art, won the XVII Premio Pascali 2014on July 5th. For this reason, inside the exhibition at the Foundation Pascali, the artist has decided to realize an installation with the emblematic title Plescali, chosen to give a direct homage to the work of Pino Pascali.
The installation is divided into two parts and was designed and exhibited for the first time on the occasion of the award. Inside the large main room of the museum are placed three parallel bright basins, included in long black iron containers, which face huge wooden tables, overturned and leaning on the right wall of the room. This installation is realized with the use of 40 monitors which reproduce the passage from powerful water flows to cascades of equal strength and intensity.

Plescali will be open from July 5th to September 7th at Fondazione Museo Pino Pascali. For more infos visit the official website on the link below