Rebeca Méndez leads you inside the natural dimension of the Water




Rebeca Méndez is a Mexican artist born in 1962 who works using various media such as photography, video and installation. A constant theme in her works is the energy of nature, seen in its phenomena of force and tension.
In 2009/2010 the artist realized a series of architectural scale video art installations called At any given moment which allows visitor to explore the theme of perception, in particular the relationship between man and nature mediated by technology. Some of these works evoke the power of the flow of water in waterfalls and rivers.
In Fall1 with Volcanic Rock a large scale video of a waterfall is projected on a wall of a room, while in front of it there are 4 tons of Volcanic rocks. The visitor is attracted inside the dark room by the movement and the sound of the waterfall. The artist wants the visitor to view himself from the outside, as part of the representation, getting to know himself and challenging the preconceptions of the environment, in particular the nature of matter. The presence of volcanic rocks emphasizes this process: these seem inserted in the video, as if the water were falling on them, but at the same time they are tangible elements which come out of the video and lead the public into the natural dimension created by the artist.
In River 1 and River 2, instead, the river becomes the object of study and expression. Its flow is projected once again in a large scale and almost seems to swallow up the viewer.



Fall 1 with Volcanic Rocks (At Any Given Moment,), 2010, video projection, 3 tons of volcanic rock, sound. Installation view at ‘Energy’ group exhibition at Alyce de Roullet Williamson Gallery, Pasadena, CA, USA


Fall 2 (At Any Given Moment), 2009, video projection, sound and lava rocks and gravel. Installation view at the Beall Center for Art and Technology, UCI, Irvine, CA, USA


River 1 (At Any Given Moment), 2010. Video projection, sound. Installation view at the Minotti Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA