A forest of Water trunks

Water Forest1



In 2002 the American artist Howard Ben Tré created Water Forest, a site specific installation commissioned by the city of Tacoma for the Museum of Glass Main Plaza.
Ben Tré is a pioneer in the use of cast glass as a sculptural medium and is famous for his unique sculptures and large-scale works of art for public and private spaces.
In Water Forest Ben Tré combines the transparency of glass with that of water, creating a forest of vertical elements with clear acrylic and bronze tubing through which the water rises and falls. In this work there is a pleasant contrast between the solidity of the bronze and the gentle flow of the water. The visitor walks inside the sculpture as through a colonnade or among the trunks of a forest, discovering closely the effects of the moving water in the cylinders. The artist believes that the cycles of water in the tubing are also meant to evoke the tidal cycle of the nearby Thea Foss Waterway.


Water Forest

Water Forest4

Water Forest5

Water Forest6