Finnbogi Petursson draws with sound on the surface of the Water




Finnboji Petursson is an Icelandic contemporary artist born in 1959; he has become famous for his electronic works that combine sound, sculpture and architecture.
The artist thinks that sound turns into a physical substance in his work and considers sound waves as elements which are able to create drawings and sculptures.
In many of his works ,water gives life to sound drawings and it is moved by speakers that emit sequences of single tones. The sound waves coming from loudspeakers combine with water to produce real water waves and create forms consisting not of visible marks but of invisible sound waves.
The first work with water was Circle, realized in 1991 and exhibited at the Living Art Museum in Reykjavík, Iceland. The artist installed a large loudspeaker suspended over a darkened pit filled with water. The sound of the speaker continuously created drawings on the surface of the water; the drawings were altered by the increasing or decreasing sound frequency, often producing almost perfect circular shapes. The movement of the water was projected on the wall, thus making the amplification of the sound visible.



Circle, 1991, Living Art Museum ( Reykjavík, Iceland)


Sphere, 2003, Museum Asmundur Sveinsson – The Dome, (Reykjavik, Iceland)


The same process of Circle was used in more recent installations. In this way he developed Earth, exposed to Shean Kelly Gallery in New York in 2009 and reproposed in other events in 2010, Deep present since 2010 at the University of Reykjavik and Reset installed in 2011 at the Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh, USA.
In 2012/2013 his works acquired a greater aura of mystery and sacredness, when enclosed into ancient religious sites. These installations were Koutoubia, realized for the 4th Marrakesh Biennale and installed inside the Koutoubia Mosque and OFF-3Hz, an installation located inside the Stein Minorite Church in Krems, Austria.



Earth, 2009/2010


Earth, 2009/2010



Deep, 2010, Reykjavik University


Reset, 2011


OFF-3Hz, 2013, Stein Minorite Church (Krems, Austria)