Suspended Waterfalls by Ryoichi Kurokawa




During the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011, Ryoichi Kurokawa realized Octfalls a work exhibited in the Arsenale Novissimo.
It is an audiovisual installation consisting of 8 rectangular HD displays and 8ch multi sound hanging at different heights from the ceiling and arranged to form a circle. The screens project videos of various waterfalls in movement, whose sound echoes through the speakers in the Arsenale. The audiovisual performance has a duration of 8 minutes.
Initially the visitor seems to be immersed in a dimension of peace until the showing suddenly stop and the screens start to alternate with each other in the reproduction of the video, creating a sense of anxiety.
The movement of the waterfalls accelerates, stops, is reversed and finally restored in an aggressive or peaceful way, always emphasized through the use of the sound.
The work connects nature, which is present in its virtual aspect, with the technology of the screens, while the modernity of the installation creates an exciting contrast with the space of the old structure of the building where it is installed.