The illusion of Water by Leandro Erlich

Swimmin Pool



Leandro Erlich is an Argentinian artist who is in the habit of reversing the laws of physics and creating installations where the senses are confused and stimulated.
In 1999 he created a work which became famous throughout the world and was exhibited in several exhibitions: Swimming Pool, an installation where water is both present and absent.
The artist built a life-size swimming pool complete in all its details. Everything apparently seems normal until you realize that you have been caught by an illusion. The visitor sees a surreal vision observing full-clothed people walk calmly inside the swimming pool, as if water didn’t touch them and their bodies didn’t get wet.
The illusion is revealed only when the visitor is introduced into the swimming pool itself, understanding that it is an empty space, while the water is blocked on the surface by a large piece of acrylic that deceives the eye with its transparency.
The water is in the pool, but it is deprived of its matter and its physical qualities. It is also an element of image distortion which creates the first fundamental effect of astonishment in the visitor.


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