Fireflies skim the surface of the Water inside Yayoi Kusama’s room

Fireflies on the Water



In 2002 the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama created Fireflies on the Water, an installation where space expands itself, giving life to a new perception of the senses.
In a small dark room, 150 tiny lights hang over a shallow pool of water, while the walls are covered with mirrors. The visitor enters the room, stopping on a footbridge, and observes the endless image of himself reflected into the distance. The space appears infinite due to the use of mirrors and to the water reflection and the bright colour lights help to transport the public into a magical and hallucinatory dimension, appearing like fireflies that skim over the surface of a pond.
The water becomes a mirror which helps to multiply the size of the space making it unstable with its gentle movement.


Fireflies on the Water4

Yayoi Kusama inside her work

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