Tears fall in Vinicius S.A.’s installation

Lágrimas de São Pedro3



Like tears falling from the sky, in an atmosphere where time seems to be suspended, appears the work by the Brasilian artist Vinicius S.A. called Lágrimas de São Pedro. It is an installation created in 2005 and reproposed in April 2014 in Palmentgarden in Frankfurt, Germany, during the annual Luminale light festival.
Thousands of old light bulbs filled with water are suspended on nylon threads at different heights from the ceiling. Visitors move between the “tears” and, through the use of different colored lights, the work changes constantly, becoming part of a miraculous and timeless dimension.
The artist’s environmental commitment is also essential. The metaphor of tears refers to the rain which is a fundamental element of life, but which is also scarce in most Brazilian wooden lands.


Lágrimas de São Pedro1

Lágrimas de São Pedro2

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