Water defies gravity in MOMENTum




Technology, kinetics and water: these are the elements that constitute MOMENTum, a work presented during Milan Design Week in 2014 by the Japanese designers of Kappes.
The installation incorporates elements of the natural world that temporarily suspends the perception of time. On its website, the studio Kappes defines its work as “a clock that gives you a different concept of time.”
Inside a semi-spherical basin, water is sucked from a small opening in the middle of the bowl and circulates through a filter to be expelled around the circular plane. A pumping and undulation system of the water-repellent material surface is controlled by a hidden computer which directs water and manipulates its speed, dividing the flow into drops that seem to form geometrical or random patterns. As if by magic, the water flows freely on the surface of the semi-sphere, defying gravity and dancing in the air. The visitor, mesmerized by the movement of water drops and by the interactive lighting and the synchronized audio, reflects on his relationship with speed, time and space.