Water becomes a mirror in Martin Hill’s Environmental artworks




As if captured in a photo shoot, water in Martin Hill’s works is no longer a natural element but becomes a fundamental part of the artistic composition.
Martin Hill is an English artist born in 1946 and since 1992 he has been famous with his environmental artworks.
The water in his works is the one that is found in nature: the sea, a large lake, a river, a small basin of water. Its function is to be background, flow and mainly mirror. The water reflects the natural structures that the artist has placed on its surface, sculpting new asymmetrical forms through the careful work of the eye of the photographer.
The sculptures by Martin Hill are mostly ephemeral and they have been made immortal by photography, while decaying in real life.
A great project exhibited until April 2014 was called Watershed. ” Humanity is now at a watershed in its relationship to natural systems” was the social motivation present in Hill’s work, made in New Zealand during 2012/2013. The water cycle is the common thread in these works where water appears both in liquid and solid state.





Synergy, 2010, Raupo stems (bulrush), linen threads, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand


Diamond Lake Leaf Circle, 2011, Hoheria leaves, (lacebark), Diamond Lake, Wanaka, New Zealand


Lake Hawea Stone Sphere, 2011, Rocks, Lake Hawea, Central Otago, New Zealand


Kanuka Circle, 2011, Kanuka sticks, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand


Interwoven World, 2010, Kanuka sticks, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand


We Walk on Water (Watershed Project), 2013, Raupo stems, nylon cable ties, Hawea River, Wanaka, New Zealand


Cold Facts on Bottled Water (Watershed Project), 2012, Cast ice, inkjet printed label, Albert Burn Saddle, Wanaka, New Zealand


Wetland Guardian (Watershed Project), 2013, Raupo stems, Boggy Burn, Matukituki Valley, Wanaka, New Zealand


Burning Issues (Watershed Project), 2013, Video work of burning grass figure (made with still images) ,Albert Burn Saddle, Mt Aspiring National Park, New Zealand


Alpine Ice Cycle (Watershed Project), 2013, Ice, Albert Burn Saddle, Wanaka, New Zealand


The Sky Is Broken (Watershed Project), 2012, Photograph of frozen lake, Diamond Lake, Wanaka, New Zealand


Stream Of Time (Watershed Project), 2013, Schist rock, Albert Burn Saddle, Mt Aspiring National Park, New Zealand