A Rainforest in London




After the success obtained in 2012 with the Water Cathedral, the work with which they won the MoMA’s Young Architects Programme in Chile, the group of Germany-Chilean designers of GUN architects return with a new work where water is the protagonist: Rainforest.
Rainforest is a public pavilion located outside the Architectural Association (AA) in Bedford Square in London during the Summer of 2014.
The structure is inspired by the shape of the Water Cathedral with a field of pyramidal fabric ‘stalactites’ which gently drip water.
The stalactites are positioned on a structure that recreates the shape of a tree, consisting of seven five-metre-high columns with hexagonal tops, while on the lower part of the installation there is a stony ground surface where ferns grow.
The aim of the architects is to reproduce the humidity of a rainforest and to create an oasis of raindrops, pools and plants. The atmosphere is transformed by the water which originates a cool environment, provides shade during the Summer and also becomes the creator of vegetation and new forms of life.
GUN Architects bring to London a distinct ecosystem that combines striking material construction with the natural environment to cultivate the formation of an entirely unique ecology.