Walking alone on Water surface




In 2006 the English artist Michael Cross realized one of his dreams: standing in the middle of a lake surrounded only by water, without a boat to get him there but only walking on water. Therefore he created Bridge, a temporary installation that was located in the deconsecrated church of Dilston Grove in London. It was an experiment, a prototype that reproduced his dream in a smaller size.
The installation consisted of a large 60 cm high basin with 54000 liters of water where the artist built a new kind of bridge which was made of steps that would rise from the water while people walked across them, and disappear back underneath after their passage.
Everything created an atmosphere of wonder and a dreamlike dimension which were amplified by the structure of the church and by its reflection on the water. The aim of the artist was to embody feelings of joy and fear, peace and anxiety in the installation. These emotions could be felt personally by the visitors, walking on water and reaching the middle of the lake 12 meters away from the shore.