Raindrops fell inside Water Cathedral




A damp cave where stalactites and stalagmites were imbued with water was built in 2012 in a car park in Santiago, the capital city of Chile. Its name was Water Cathedral. Realized by the Germany-Chilean designers of GUN architects for MoMA Young Architects Program, whose main criteria was that the project should be connected to water, Water Cathedral was a temporary pavilion constituted of an horizontal nave with suspended vertical elements at various height and density. The slender, pyramidal components were made of fabric and were supported by a minimal steel framework. Inside them, there were inverted cones which captured rainwater in plastic bags. Water drops fell at different speeds and quantities, creating a damp cool area under the structure. GUN architects created a place isolated from the surrounding hot climate to become a cathedral where people could feel the presence of water. Water Cathedral was a public installation where the public could enjoy water and the cool sitting on concrete stalagmite and have a refreshing experience in the heat of summer.


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GUN water cathedral

GUN water cathedral1

GUN water cathedral 2

GUN water cathedral 3