Listen to the voice of the waterfalls in Rúrí’s work




Born in Iceland in 1951, Rúrí is a contemporary established artist.
Her work is expressed through different forms, from performances to drawings, from photography to video art. For Rúrí art becomes a language where everything follows a logic and a coherence related to fundamental philosophical questions: identity, time, cosmos and environment. Her work is conceptual and is linked to ideas based on a theory or on a perception, though it has a tangible and sensory aspect.
A key role in the artist’s work is reserved to water. Water is the basic element of life, without it man could not live. But is precisely this element that is under threat today. Rúrí creates works of denunciation whose aim is to make people think.



Waterfall, 1995, pigmented concrete, water, automation, pumps, electrical lights, Botanic Garden, Reykjavík, Iceland


Vocal IV, 2008. Performed with the Icelandic Sound Poetry Choir at Sequences Festival, Reykjavík Art Museum


Water Vocal, 2007


Water for Rúrí is that of Icelandic waterfalls.
In her series of works called “Vocals”, the artist wants to give life to the voice of the waterfalls through Video Art Installations. “A mighty waterfall has a mighty awe-inspiring voice. But if the water flow dwindles or the water disappears that voice will die” the artist says.
In 2009 her video installation Aqua Silence was positioned in front of OSRAM headquarters in Monaco, Germany. It consisted in seven LED stele which projected images of the ocean, waterfalls and glaciers. The work was clearly visible from the highway thus exposing the fragile relationship between nature and mankind. The high tech LED screens and sophisticated software met the primal force and beauty of Water in this work.



Elimination, 2006, digital-print on paper


Water Story and Vocal V



Dedication, 2002, nine photographs on paper, mounted on acrylic glass


Aqua Silence, 2009, Munich