The flames dance on the water in Providence




This year WaterFire, one of the most popular events in the city of Providence (RI, USA), celebrates 20 years!
Barnaby Evans, its creator in 1994, is an artist who works with different media including site specific sculpture installations, photography, film, garden design, architectural projects and conceptual works.

WaterFire is a site specific sculpture installation exhibited on the rivers of Downtown Providence. It is a real event consisting of artistic installations and performances, but it is also an urban festival and a spiritual ceremony.
The event begins at sunset, when one hundred bonfires, disposed above the surface of the three rivers that pass through Providence in Waterplace Park, are lit up. Thus there is a union between two different natural elements which at the same time symbolize life, creativity and inspiration but also death, loss and destruction.
The water of the rivers becomes a mirror where the flames reflect and multiply themselves. The fire dances on the dark surface of the rivers creating a magical, primitive and communal dimension.

In 2012 WaterFire also touched Italy and the installation was placed along the river Tiber in Rome.


For further information about WaterFire in Providence (its history and the upcoming dates in 2014) visit the official website on the link below