The relationship between body, time and Water in Bill Viola’s videos




Bill Viola, the American master of Video Art, is present in many exhibitions around the world during these months.

The artist was born in New York in 1951 and started to realize Video Art in the early 70s.
Two topics are essential in his research: Time and Water. Bill Viola sculpts time, he models it extending it, repeating it and slowing it down, as to show its shapes and contours. He considers human existence and metaphysical questions in his artistic research. His aim isn’t to solve these questions, but to reflect on them. His work allows the public to immerse itself in the images and in the vicissitudes of his videos. This is where water comes in, as a symbolic element where the body starts a relation of encounters and clashes. Water is seen as a medium of oppression alternating with a feeling of liberation and elevation to purity.

The spiritual journey of Bill Viola’s videos returns in a retrospective exhibition with his work from 1977 to today in Paris at the Gran Palais, which will end on 21 July.



Transfiguration, 2007


Tristan und Isolde, 2005


The Deluge (Going Fourth By Day), 2002



The Lovers, 2005


The Raft, 2004