Read the peace of water in the Water Library




On a promontory in the city of Stykkishólmur in Iceland there is a library where books have been replaced with water. Commissioned by Artangel, the Library of Water is a long term installation realized by the American artist Roni Horn in 2007. The artist has been visiting Iceland since 1975 and its landscapes and its sense of isolation have become great sources of inspiration for her.
Water is everywhere in the Library of Water. It’s, first of all, in Water, Selected, a cluster of 24 columns containing water collected from ice of glaciers around Iceland. The columns are illuminated from the inside while on the rubber floor are embedded words in English and Icelandic which relate to the weather.
This transparent colonnade creates a sort of partition towards the large window of the building, which allows you to see the coast of the city and the ocean.
A space of meditation and silence, where transparency reigns along with the fluidity of water, the Library of Water presents itself as one of most interesting cultural spaces in Iceland, as well as offering the possibility to host social events.




library of water 1

Library Of Water