A water rainbow over the river in Seoul




One of the bridges over the River Han in Downtown Seoul has a Guinness World Record: it’s the Banpo Bridge with its Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, the longest bridge fountain in the world.
Installed in 2009, it’s part of a project by South Korean government to improve the areas around the Han River Park System from an aesthetic and attractive point of view.
The fountain is 20 meters high and is formed by nearly 10000 LED nozzles positioned along both sides of, which is 1140 meters long bridge. The fountain shoots down 190 tons of water per minute from its 380 water jets.
The result is spectacular: at night the lights radiate the water choreography of various colourful effects: the fountain becomes a rainbow dancing in the air before plunging into the river.
The installation was successful, probably because of the eco-friendly use of the water, pumped directly from the river and thrown back into it; the installation with its water games can still be enjoyed at certain times of the day.


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