Water changes colour and shape in Shigeko Hirakawa’s work




Until October 13th 2014 you can see at Trevarez Domain, Saint Guazec, France, three works by Shigeko Hirakawa in her exhibition entitled Artist’s Regard.
Her works reflect on the importance that water plays in our society and her aim is to denounce the dangerous relationship between man and nature.
The main work is Water Footprint, an installation consisting of a cistern, connected to two flights, which contains 55 tons of water, which is the annual domestic water consumption of an inhabitant in France. The visitor walks barefoot on the cistern feeling the consistency of water and leaving his “water footprint” on the surface.
The second installation is Water in Bubble where nine glass balls seem to rise from the surface of a pond in the castle grounds. These balls become part of a symbolic dimension when the artist starts her performance Follow the Water. She releases into the streams of the park a mass of 1800 tons of water coloured with fluorescein and lets it flow down through the grounds into the pond. The number isn’t casual: the water footprint of a French inhabitant is about 1800 tons.


Artist’s Regard
from April 12 to October 13, 2014
Trévarez Domain, Saint Goazec, Finistère, France






expo Lartigues, Hirakawa, Méchain