Water shaped balloons shine in Torafu’s installation

    Art and design are not interested in water only for the physical use of its liquid matter, but also for the forms and the effects that it can create. The Japanese… Continua a leggere

A kinetic cascade inside the church

    In 2011 the French artist Stephane Cauchy exhibited his work Cascade inside the former Regency church in Brighton, England, which is the centre of the artistic organization Fabrica. Cauchy uses simple… Continua a leggere

Design follows the Water in Bologna

    An initiative focused on the use of water in design and architecture was started in 2011: it is the Bologna Water Design which, for one week a year, occupies the space… Continua a leggere

The magical union of Water and light in Toshiba’s installations

    In 2011, during Milan Fuori Salone, Toshiba, in collaboration with the group of architects DGT (Dorell, Ghotmeh, Tane),based in Paris, created Luce, Tempo, Luogo, a group of installations where LED light… Continua a leggere

The power of Water in Fabrizio Plessi’s Plescali

    Farbrizio Plessi, the Italian master of video art, won the XVII Premio Pascali 2014on July 5th. For this reason, inside the exhibition at the Foundation Pascali, the artist has decided to… Continua a leggere

A tower with walls made ​​of Water

    After the great success of Rain Room, in 2013 the London-based studio designers of rAndom International created Tower: Instant Structure for Schacht XII. The work was installed at Zollverein, a former… Continua a leggere

Water flows inside Fabrizio Plessi’s videos

    Farbrizio Plessi is an Italian artist born in 1940 who is considered one of the greatest exponents of video art. The water, with objects or instruments related to it, is the… Continua a leggere

A thirsty tree over the lake in Texas

    During the autumn of 2013, the Chinese artist Beili Liu, in collaboration with the architects Norma Yancey and Emily Little and the landscape architect Cassie Bergstrom, created Thirst, a site-specific artwork… Continua a leggere

Rebeca Méndez leads you inside the natural dimension of the Water

    Rebeca Méndez is a Mexican artist born in 1962 who works using various media such as photography, video and installation. A constant theme in her works is the energy of nature,… Continua a leggere

A forest of Water trunks

    In 2002 the American artist Howard Ben Tré created Water Forest, a site specific installation commissioned by the city of Tacoma for the Museum of Glass Main Plaza. Ben Tré is… Continua a leggere